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Covid 19

Safety Plan

Due to the impact of the worldwide spread of the Covid - 19 virus, we are each adapting to this time of disruption. While I am looking myself at how to adapt and move through these uncertain times I have implemented the following action plan to ensure the safety of all interactions within a photography shoot.

Wellbeing of Attendees

We ask that all those involved in the shoot only attend if they are feeling well and do not have any respiratory or COVID-19 symptoms and have not visited or been in contact with any person from any hot spot declared areas in the past 14 days. 


Social Distancing

Where possible we ask that clients limit those required to attend. Where practical, we ask that everyone maintain 1.5 metres physical distancing at all times including breaks and while waiting.


Hygiene and Cleaning

All camera gear and equipment is fully cleaned and sanitised between shoots. We ask that all attendees sanitise and wash their hands upon arrival using the products provided and strongly encourage everyone to wear masks for the duration of the shoot.


Records of Contact Details

We ask that our clients primary point of contact with us obtain the contact details of those in contact with the shoot on the day to allow for quick communication between both parties should an attendee be notified that they may have been unknowingly infectious during a shoot.

Let's Work Together

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